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Help Me Build a Website for Our Sci-Fi Movie! - rhinovision redirect

Aug. 2nd, 2007

09:50 am - Help Me Build a Website for Our Sci-Fi Movie!

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I'm looking for someone with web design knowledge to teach me how to build and maintain a promotional site for a science fiction comedy feature film. I would like someone who could spend approximately 4-8 hours per weekend, Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday showing me how to create a website. I would like to learn HTML, CSS, and some photo editing. I will need a site with sound, video, image gallery, news blog, schedule calendar, and a commerce feature. I have good computer and image manipulation skills in general, I mostly need an assistant to show me how to do what I can't figure out on my own.

When the film is released (Fall 2007) we will be using the website for:

Promoting the film at local events and theaters,
Announcing appearances at science fiction and comic book conventions,
Selling downloaded video,
Selling a boxed DVD,
Selling a soundtrack CD,
Selling T-shirts, Stickers, Etc.

We would like a site that expresses our nerdy enthusiasm with some science fiction flair. This is a great opportunity to get some experience, and publicity of your own. We are enthusiastic, hardworking, fun, generous with praise, and we will proudly and boldly display your logo and eagerly provide references for excellent work. Financial compensation is negotiable. However, most importantly, we are looking for someone who shares our passion for geeky creativity, and vision for a do-it-yourself movie making.

I am a strong proponent of open source software, and would like to learn using free programs such as GIMP, Open Office, Firefox, Jashaka, Blender, Nvu, and such. If you know these programs and are willing to help, please contact me. I would prefer help from someone in the Eugene area, whom I can meet with in person.